Jovan’s Campaign Launch

On Thursday 30th May, Jovan met with local supporters at Frinton Community Centre to launch his election campaign.

Jovan has received great support

Attendees of the event ranged from strong Labour supporters and wavering voters and all were greatly impressed with Jovan’s presentation saying they were more likely to now vote for us in July.

Jovan’s key interests for Clacton

Jovan has a keen passion for opening up opportunities in the community for our young people, sorting out our dangerous pothole-covered roads, and better NHS provision locally. He also has a strong view that getting old should be dignified.

Support for Jovan

Clacton CLP has set up a fundraiser and a campaign page to find information on how to help Jovan win in Clacton.

If you wish to reach out to Jovan, emails can be sent to the Labour Party at [email protected]

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