A review of Political Activities

A brief overview of the accounting unit’s activities including campaigning and preparations for elections

Our Treasurer, Geoffrey Ely, last month presented the annual accounts of the CLP at a recent AMM. Geoff prepared a statement to address the amazing work of the CLP in 2023.

Local election wins

With Tendring District Council elections set for 4th May 2023 we continued our campaign with a 2nd and 3rd printed leaflet to target wards. We were able to contest all 19 wards in the Clacton area with 28 candidates. A total of 40,500 leaflets were delivered. Election results gave us two ward wins with three candidates coming very close. With wins in Harwich the Labour group totalled 8. As a consequence a coalition with the Independent group was established and control of the Town Hall.

In the Community

In July we had an outreach stall at Clacton Pride and in October we took a stand for equality with a ‘Clacton Together Campaign’ with over 1000 leaflets distributed.

Support for Colchester CLP

Many members have also been supporting Colchester Labour party PPC Pam Cox by joining outreach events. In December we renamed the office after the remarkable first woman TUC chair and cabinet minister ‘Margaret Bondfield’.

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